Music Concert Showcases Talent!

What an incredible array of talented musicians there are at Wellow School!

On Friday 14th July we held a Fund Raising Concert to raise money for our school.

The fabulous Mrs Hensel wrote music for an orchestral ensemble – each child had individualised music to suit their abilities. The children gave up their lunchtimes to practise weekly and sounded amazing!

Mrs Hensel also ran a Pop Choir who moved us all to tears with their beautiful songs.

Many children from across the school had also been practising hard to perform solos, duets, trios and small groups.

Well Done all of you – you were fabulous!


Thanks also to those of you that provided cakes for the cake sale, or helped run the stall on the day.  And big thanks to Mrs Hensel and Mrs Trounson for all their hard work with the children.


Woodwind Try-Out!

Today Years 2 – 5 had the chance to try out a range of woodwind instruments.

Mrs Trounson the woodwind teacher came to talk to anyone who was interested in playing a woodwind instrument and having lessons in September.

The children were allowed to try a flute, clarinet and a saxophone.

If your child would like to have music lessons, a letter will come out in the Summer Term.

Hampshire Music Services send a range of music teachers to Wellow School. You can contact them directly.

Or come and see me!

Mrs Sherrington

Collaboration Orchestra Carols

On Tuesday the Collaboration Orchestra held a fantastic carol concert at Mountbatten School.

The children from the three federation schools have been working very hard alongside some pupils from Mountbatten and even some members of staff – The brass have been very lucky to have a teacher play with them every week!

We really enjoyed listening to the orchestra play – what a super sound you all made. Very well done!



If you are interested in joining the orchestra, see Mrs Sherrington or call the music department at Mountbatten. Mr Marchant runs the orchestra weekly after school on Tuesdays for a small fee.

Year 2 Recorder Lessons

Beautiful music was wafting around the school today as Year 2 started their recorder lessons!

Mrs Boakes and the class played along with the backing tracks. What a shame I can’t add a soundtrack for you all to hear!

The children are very excited to play to you at home…. Enjoy!

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1 2 3 Stories 3!

Today Key Stage 1 were treated to a musical performance by Su Eaton from Hand to Mouth Theatre.

Su retold three traditional tales and performed a range of songs and music.

She also played the banjo / ukulele = banolele!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

We hope you had a very enjoyable and musical holiday.

Music Lessons are back in full swing this week and the new musicians are thrilled to be learning their new instruments.

Rock Steady has moved to Friday afternoons – some spaces available – see their website.

Orchestra has started up again. This year it is at Mountbatten School after school on Tuesdays. The orchestra sounds amazing already and the children have the added bonus of some teachers playing alongside them! Contact Mr Marchant at Mountbatten or see me if you would like your child to join or if you have any questions.

Mrs Sherrington   (Year 1 teacher)

Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Wow Wow Wow!

Our Year 6 class gave us an afternoon to remember today when they performed their leavers assembly. We all needed our tissues as they talked about the years they have spent at Wellow, the wonderful trips and experiences they have enjoyed and the staff they have known and loved.

The performance was accompanied by a huge range of talented young musicians playing; flutes, trombone, trumpet, cornet, guitars, saxaphone, violins and singers.

We were so pround of the Year 6 class for having the confidence to stand in front of the whole school, staff, as well as rows and rows of parents with cameras and phones recording. It’s not easy to stand and perform on your own and we were VERY IMPRESSED WITH YOUR TALENT! (I hope you are reading this?)

It was a great opportunity for the lower years to hear a range of instruments played live, I hope you inspired a new generation of musicians.

Very well done Year 6. We wish you all the best as you move on through your education…….. keep practising!


Brass Concert

The Year 3 class have been learning brass instruments for a term with the Hampshire Music Services.

The children have a weekly lesson with a specialist teacher.

We were so impressed with their skills and the fabulous sound they could make.

The children were also reading music!

Well Done Year Three!

Primary Prom! 6.7.16

Today we were so lucky! 41 of us went to Basingstoke to see the Primary Prom Concert at the Anvil Theatre.

It was fantastic to see the young musicians performing right in front of us.

We saw a clarinet and sax band, an orchestra, a percussion band, a brass band and a couple of very brave and talented boys singing – they were amazing!

Thanks very much to the parents who came to help and to Mrs Annells who was busy counting children.

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